Developer Console

Create App

It is very easy to create a new client application using Developer Console. To start creating a new client application, do one of the following.

  • Open "Menu" on the left and select "Create App".
  • Click "Create App" button in the app list page.

    "Create App" button
  • Access the URL below directly.
Menu / Create App

As the number of configuration parameters of a client application is not small, they are categorized. In Create App page, there are tabs for each category.

Create App / Tabs

Change the values of the configuration parameters as you like, or leave all of them untouched to use their default values. See Edit App for details about the configuration parameters.

After editing, click "Create" button at the bottom of Create App page to create a new service.

"Create" button

That's all.


There are two upper limits on the number of client applications. One is the upper limit per developer. Its value is a configuration parameter of a service and can be changed using Service Owner Console. The other is the upper limit per service owner. Its value is determined based on your plan. For example, 10 is the upper limit for Free plan. See "Pricing" page for details.