Authlete 2.2.30 Release Notes

Overview of This Release

This is a minor update of Authlete 2.2. It includes the following new or enhanced features since the version 2.2.25.

Newly Supported Standard Specifications


New Configuration Items

DCR with Duplicate Software ID

When “Block” is selected, Authlete checks duplication of the value of software_id parameter (which is one of client metadata) in a DCR (Dynamic Client Registration) request. If there is already the same value in the database, Authlete rejects the DCR request.

When “Accept” is selected, Authlete does not do the check as described above.

Added or Updated APIs

Generating Access Token (added)

accessToken is a new request parameter added to the following APIs so that you can specify a value of a new access token by yourself instead of generating the value by the Authlete server.

  • /auth/authorization/issue API
  • /auth/token API
  • /auth/token/issue API
  • /backchannel/authentication/complete API

/auth/token/revoke API (added)

/auth/token/revoke is a new API to revoke tokens. You can specify the following conditions for target access tokens and/or refresh tokens to be revoked.

  • accessTokenIdentifier
  • clientIdentifier
  • refreshTokenIdentifier
  • subject

Up to 20 tokens can be revoked in a single request to the API.