Just Forward OAuth and OpenID Connect Requests to Authlete

You don't have to evaluate client requests and implement protocol logic. Forward each incoming request to Authlete; we'll manage the protocol steps and issue tokens on your OAuth/OIDC server's behalf, supplying each response for you to simply return to the client.

Bring Your Existing IAM and API Components

Authlete's APIs are carefully crafted to focus on the core of OAuth/OIDC. You can choose to build a complete OAuth/OIDC server with Authlete, or simply integrate Authlete with existing service components such as identity and access management (IAM) and API gateways.

Reduce Time and Cost to Follow Identity Standards

Authlete is an OpenID Certified and Financial-grade API (FAPI) compliant solution, supporting Identity Assurance, Grant Management, and many other OAuth/OIDC extensions.

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Yayoi chooses Authlete to replace its existing API authorization infrastructure for next-generation services
Authlete to exhibit at Identiverse 2022
Getting Started with the Authlete APIs in Java

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