The OAuth/OIDC Enabler for the API Ecosystem.

Just Pass The Auth Baton To Authlete.

You don't have to evaluate OAuth/OIDC request parameters sent from API clients. Forward them right away to Authlete so that it can do protocol handling and token management on your OAuth/OIDC server's behalf and tell you what to do next.

Authlete provides developer-friendly backend APIs for Authorizatoin, so what you have to do is just to pass parameters to us. This enables developers to implement authorization servers or identity providers in a week.

Bring Your Own Equipments For The Win.

Authlete provides a set of intuitive backend APIs carefully crafted to focus on the core of OAuth/OIDC. You can develop your OAuth/OIDC server frontend with your preferred programming languages and frameworks, and integrate Authlete with any identity and access management services and API management solutions.

Autholete only focuses on authorization functions; you can thus integrate Authlete with any authentication and API Gateway/Management solutions.

Adopting Standards Is Our Discipline.

We are committed to open standards such as OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT, UK Open Banking, CIBA. Authlete is not only OpenID Connect certified but also the first Financial-grade API (FAPI) certified solution for production environment.

Authlete supports many specifications, such as OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, PKCE, Request Objects, JWT Client Authentication, JARM, Mutual TLS, US Open Banking, CIBA and Financial-grade API.
Yodobashi Camera chooses Authlete to support FAPI/CIBA for empowering customer experience
Authlete welcomes the GAIN initiative
Authlete to sponsor European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021 #EIC2021
LINE Bank Preparatory Company chooses Authlete

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