Just Forward OAuth/OIDC Requests to Authlete.

You don't have to evaluate authorization/token request parameters. Forward them right away to Authlete so that it can do protocol handling and token management on your OAuth/OIDC server's behalf, and tell you what to do next.

Bring Your Own IAM, API Gateways, etc.

Authlete's APIs are carefully crafted to focus on the core of OAuth/OIDC. You can build your OAuth/OIDC servers with Authlete, or integrate Authlete with your service components, especially identity and access management (IAM) and API gateways.

Reduce Time and Cost to Follow the Standards.

Authlete is an OpenID Certified and Financial-grade API (FAPI) compliant solution, and supports many other OAuth/OIDC extensions that include Identity Assurance and Grant Management.

Authlete customer panel in FIN/SUM 2022
Authlete to sponsor European Identity and Cloud Conference 2022 #EIC2022
SMS has been using Authlete to implement ID/API security for its “Nurse Senka,” Web community for nurses/nursing students
FOLIO chooses Authlete to achieve API security in its “4RAP” asset management platform

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