DevOps/SRE Cloud Engineer


Investigate and propose cloud infrastructure architecture changes and improvements. Examples: Kubernetes deployment changes, devops pipeline improvements, metrics and analytics gathering and visualization improvements, monitoring system improvements. Investigation into new technologies should be self-driven and proactive.

Manage, monitor, and support the shared and dedicated cloud environments for Authlete customers. This includes setting up new environments, receiving and following up on alerts from the monitoring system, and helping the customer success team with resolving issues raised by customers. This also includes automation of these tasks.

Work on implementing the roadmap with focus on automation and metrics.

Lead, teach, and help more junior members of the Cloud Solutions team.

Manage, implement, and support internal systems such as public and internal websites, GitLab, Redmine, PubSub/Functions/BigQuery setups, and developer environments. Work with development team members on devops issues and deployments etc. Work with bizdev, customer success, sales, and other Authlete members on resolving issues with internal systems.

You must speak English or Japanese well, and proficiency in both is a plus, as well as proficiency in other languages. Reading and writing in English is required for this position.

Key technologies

Kubernetes (GKE), Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub, BigQuery, GCE, containers, Go (infrastructure programming), Java (server development), Ruby (dev scripts), Prometheus, Grafana, AWS, CloudSQL, Spanner, Postgres, RDS, Java, Docker, OAuth 2, OpenID Connect, Slack bots, GitLab.

About Authlete

We provide a backend for implementing OAuth 2, OpenID Connect, Financial-grade API, Open Banking and related standards. Our services are widely used globally by customers in a wide range of industries such as fintech, banking, entertainment, healthcare, travel, and media.

Employment and working conditions

Our work style is flexible; you will be entrusted with responsibility for your work and managing your time. Full remote or hybrid is possible. Full-time permanent or contract, or part-time is negotiable. We have offices in Tokyo (HQ), London, and Dubai, and team members all over the world with a wide variety of backgrounds.

We have an office at Finolab (fintech startup center) in Otemachi (near Tokyo Station) where you can hang out with co-workers and join events. We accept candidates from outside Japan who can work remotely and have experience in managing their own time, such as freelancing. We are open to discussing supporting visa application and moving to Japan for members who have worked with us remotely first.

How to apply

Apply through this form