Authlete 2.2.44 Release Notes

Overview of This Release

This is a minor update of Authlete 2.2. It includes the following new or enhanced features since the version 2.2.38.

Newly Supported Standard Specifications


New Configuration Items


Added or Updated APIs

/auth/revocation API

Support client assertion client authentication method and mTLS at /auth/revocation API.

/auth/token/revoke API

Support JWT access tokens at /auth/token/revoke API.


Add the accessTokenDuration request parameter to the following APIs. When this request parameter holds a positive integer, it is used as the duration of the access token. In other cases, this request parameter is ignored.

  • /auth/authorization/issue API
  • /auth/token API
  • /auth/token/issue API
  • /backchannel/authentication/complete API