Authlete 2.3.12 Release Notes

Overview of This Release

This is a minor update of Authlete 2.3. It includes the following new or enhanced features since the version 2.3.1.

Newly Supported Standard Specifications


New Service Configuration Items

ID Token / Type of the aud claim

If “array” is selected, the type of the aud claim of ID tokens always becomes array. If “string” is selected, the type of the aud claim of ID tokens always becomes string.

ID Token / Reissuable

If “Enable” is selected, an ID token can be reissued in a refresh token flow.

See JavaDoc of TokenResponse class for details.

IDA / Validation Schema Set

Choice of the validation schema set that is used to validate the content of ‘verified_claims’.

Authlete recognizes the following names of validation schema sets.

  • “unspecified”: Same as “standard”
  • “standard”: The set of the legitimate JSON schema.
  • “standard+id_document”: A set of customized JSON schema that mostly conform to the standard but additionally accept ‘id_document’ as a valid name of evidence.

New Client Configuration Items


Added or Updated APIs

/auth/revocation API

Support client assertion client authentication method and mTLS at /auth/revocation API.

/auth/token/revoke API

Support JWT access tokens at /auth/token/revoke API.

accessTokenDuration request parameter

Added the accessTokenDuration request parameter to the following APIs. When this request parameter holds a positive integer, it is used as the duration of the access token. In other cases, this request parameter is ignored.

  • /auth/authorization/issue API
  • /auth/token API
  • /auth/token/issue API
  • /backchannel/authentication/complete API

locked response parameter

Added the locked response parameter to the following APIs. The parameter indicates whether a client is locked.

  • /client/get/{clientId} API
  • /client/get/list API

claimsAtUserInfo response parameter

Added the claimsAtUserInfo response parameter to the following APIs. This parameter represents the claim that the client application requested to be embedded in the userinfo response.

  • /auth/authorization/ API