Service Owner Console

The First Step

The first step to start using Service Owner Console is to register your account at the sign-up page (

At the sign-up page, you will see a form as shown below. Fill in all the fields, check "I'm not a robot" check-box, and click "Sign Up" button.

Sign Up
Fields in Sign-Up Form
Field Description
Login ID Input a new login ID you want to use to login Service Owner Console. Useable characters are numbers, alphabets, underscores, periods and hyphens.
Password A password you want to use to login Service Owner Console. Any characters are useable.
Password for confirmation Input the same characters as you input at the 'Password' field.
Email Address Input your email address. Please input an actually existing email address of your own. Otherwise, you cannot receive notifications from Authlete.
Display Name Input your display name. It is used in Service Owner Console and emails from Authlete.

Registration Completed

After sign-up, a dialog titled "Registration Completed" is displayed.

As written in the dialog, your first service and the first client application of the service are created automatically.

Click "Dashboard" button at the bottm right corner of the dialog, and Service Details page of the first service will be displayed.

Right after registration, your status is 'logged in'. You can logout Service Owner Console by clicking "Log out" button and can re-login at the login page (