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Try Authlete First

Getting Started

A quick guide to try "OAuth 2.0 authorization flow" using Authlete.

Java Tutorial

Use the Authlete APIs to add OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server and Resource Server roles to a Java Web Application.

Authlete Overview

Introduction to Authlete from a technical point of view.

Understand How It Works

From Sign-Up To The First API Request

Sign up to Authlete, create a new service and register an OAuth/OIDC client to the service.

API Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials to understand how Authlete APIs work.

Build Your Servers

Reference Implementations

Server codes and libraries to develop your own authorization servers.

API Reference

Almost all of Authlete's features are exposed as APIs so that you can integrate Authlete with your system.

Knowledge Base

Technical information on Authlete - from development to depolyment to operations.

Explore Further

In-Depth Documentation

Detailed documentation for developers wishing to leverage Authlete's advanced features.


JavaDoc documents of classes representing Authlete APIs.

Getting Started

Authlete Overview

Authlete is a BaaS (Backend as a Service) providing set of APIs to be used for implementing OAuth 2.0 authorization servers and/or OpenID Connect identity providers.

Getting Started

A quick guide to try an OAuth 2.0 authorization flow using Authlete.


Resources including brochures, sequence diagrams and videos.

Web Consoles

Service Owner Console

You can have multiple services and manage their configuration parameters using Service Owner Console.

Developer Console

Authlete offers Developer Console so that you can let your third-party developers manage their API clients.

Technical Information

In-Depth Documentation

Documentation for developers wishing to implement OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect using Authlete's Web APIs.

Knowledge Base

Technical information on Authlete - from development to depolyment to operations.

Standards and Practices

FAPI 2.0

Explanation about FAPI 2.0 and how Authlete supports the specification.


Templates and Toolkits

You can save your time with our ready-made materials for designing integration architecture with Authlete.

Terraform Provider

Terraform provider allow you to put the Authlete configuration under version control


CBOR Zone enables you to convert a CBOR item or a CBOR sequence to and from HEX, Base64, or Base64URL formats, as well as CBOR Diagnostic Notation.


mkjwk offers a mechanism to easily generate random JSON Web Keys for use in servers and other projects.


mkjose offers a mechanism to generate JOSE, JSON Object Signing and Encryption, from a given payload and JWK easily.