Leveraging reference implementations

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Leveraging reference implementations

Reference implementations in Authlete 's architecture

Almost all of Authlete’s features are exposed as APIs .  “Reference implementations” utilizing the APIs are also publicly available and open-sourced. You may be able to efficiently develop your own authorization servers with them. These implementations are downloadable from GitHub.

Authlete, Inc. · GitHub

The reference implementations are useful even if you would like to directly interact with Authlete APIs. Codes and documents in the implementations would tell you what you should do pre and post processing for the APIs. For example, there are JavaDoc documents of classes representing responses of Authlete APIs ("*Response" e.g. AuthorizationResponse under com.authlete.common.dto package in authlete-java-common library).  They explain details on expected post processing in authorization server on receiving a response from Authlete APIs.

Popular reference implementations are as follows.