Authlete 2.1 conforms FAPI-CIBA profiles of OpenID Connect protocol

September 17, 2019 - Authlete, Inc has certified that Authlete 2.1 conforms to the “Financial-grade API Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication (FAPI-CIBA) OpenID Provider Profiles” of the OpenID Connect protocol. As of September 17, 2019, Authlete is the first and only company that has certified for the FAPI-CIBA profiles.

Financial-grade API: Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication Profile” is a new specification that is built on top of “Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication Flow - Core 1.0 (CIBA Core)” and make it suitable for use in higher-risk scenarios, such as banking APIs.

Authlete has been contributing to the development of the FAPI-CIBA profile, and become the first certified solution provider by conforming the all four FAPI-CIBA OpenID provider profiles according to OpenID Foundation.

So far, our solution, Authlete, has received the following certifications.

  • Basic OP
  • Implicit OP
  • Hybrid OP
  • Config OP
  • Dynamic OP
  • Form Post OP
  • FAPI R/W OP w/ Private Key
  • [New] FAPI-CIBA OP poll w/ MTLS
  • [New] FAPI-CIBA OP poll w/ Private Key
  • [New] FAPI-CIBA OP ping w/ MTLS
  • [New] FAPI-CIBA OP ping w/ Private Key

The Authlete 2.1 is not yet available for both business and enterprise users. However, we are happy to invite you to a test environment to try FAPI-CIBA-ready Authlete APIs. Please contact us for more details.