Complimentary Download: KuppingerCole Reports

KuppingerCole is a global Analyst Company focusing on Information Security and Identity and Access Management. Read KuppingerCole’s reports to learn how Authlete helps developers of digital services by reducing the complexity in development and increasing their time-to-value. The complimentary download includes:

Executive View: Authlete API Authorization by Martin Kuppinger

Authlete is a set of APIs for service providers to implement the standard protocols OAuth and OIDC (OpenID Connect). It enables developers of digital services to offload protocol operations and access token lifecycle management to the backend service and thus simplifies development and operations of modern digital services that require secure API-based communication, authentication, and authorization. Authlete integrates well with all common programming frameworks, and can be deployed from the cloud or on-premises.

White Paper: How to Do Identity Right When Developing Digital Services by Martin Kuppinger

In the digital age, digital experience heavily impacts the success of businesses. A main element of digital experience is the registration, authentication and authorization flow. Instead of developing this per service, organizations are well-advised to rely on standards and services provided via APIs. This also helps in reducing the complexity in implementing standards support, such as for OAuth and OpenID Connect (OIDC). Authlete provides a platform that supports simplified integration of OAuth and OIDC capabilities as well as Financial-grade API (FAPI) support into digital services, while shielding the complexity of the protocols by handling these in a backend service.