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Perfect for testing Authlete to secure your APIs with OAuth & OIDC

  • 30 days for FREE
  • version 2.2
  • Up to 3 Services
  • Up to 10 Client Apps
  • Managed Cloud
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Suitable for PoC and small businesses

  • MAU-based Pricing
  • version 2.2
  • Up to 30 Services
  • Up to 100 Client Apps
  • Managed Cloud
  • Professional Services Available
  • Technical Support
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Great for large businesses that requires a dedicated environment

  • MAU-based Pricing
  • version 2.2
  • Unlimited Services
  • Unlimited Client Apps
  • Managed Cloud or On-Premise
  • Multi-Regional Failover Available
  • Professional Services Available
  • Enterprise Support
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Hosting Options

In the FREE and BUSINESS plan, we provide multi-tenant, managed Authlete API servers that are located in the U.S. region and continuously updated to the latest version.

In the ENTERPRISE plan, we provide dedicated, managed Authlete API servers deployed at the location you choose. You can access the servers via VPN or specified IP addresses. Also, a multi-regional failover option is available for higher availability.

The on-prem option enables you to deploy and run Authlete API servers on any data center of your choice.

The location options for ENTERPRISE plan are now Tokyo, Osaka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai, Finland, Netherlands, Frankfurt, Switzerland, Belgium, London, Iowa, Montreal, Virginia, South Carolina, Oregon, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo. Please consult with us for the other locations.

Professional Services

The Authlete Professional Services help customers deploy, implement, and maintain OAuth/OIDC-related systems, avoiding common pitfalls, reducing security risk and optimizing customers’ investments.

Our Solution Architects will work with your teams remotely or on-site to understand your goals and functionalities that you want to realize using OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols. To achieve this, our OAuth/OIDC experts will review your OAuth Dance sequences and help you integrate Authlete with your systems, explaining the related specifications, best practices, and use cases.

BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE plan customers can benefit from our Professional Services.

Support Options

Authlete provides on-going technical and business support services based on the plan.

The Technical support is for customers with the BUSINESS subscription plan or those in the initial trial period and can access to our support team via email during our business hours, between 10 am to 6 pm in JST from Monday to Friday.

The Enterprise support is for customers with the ENTERPRISE subscription plan and can access to the Authlete Support Portal that offers ticket-based support, where technical specialists are available to assist during the business hours. The Enterprise plan has a Premium support option that will provide extended support hours for quicker response times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Authlete API server hosted?

On the Google Cloud. If you prefer to host it on other public cloud platforms, such as AWS and Azure, we will recommend you to try an on-prem option for the Enterprise plan.

Which GCP regions are available?

For the Business plan, you can only use the us-central1 region for now. For the Enterprise plan, you can choose any region available in GCP.

Which OAuth 2.0 grant types are supported?

Authlete supports authorization_code, implicit, password, client_credential, refresh, urn:openid:params:grant-type:ciba, and urn:ietf:params:oauth:grant-type:device_code as grant_type. Please check the details here.

Which plan supports Financial-grade API (FAPI)?

The FAPI support is an optional license and available for all plans. Please contact us for more details.

How are MAU (monthly active users) counted?

By counting the access tokens issued and used during the billing period. If an access token issued in the month is re-issued using its corresponding refresh token, we won’t count the refreshed one.

I am new to OAuth and OpenID Connect and confused with the specifications. Could you help me out?

Yes! We are providing a Professional Service to help you understand the specifications and implement OAuth and OpenID Connect correctly.

I am planning to introduce a single sign-on to connect internal services. What are the pros of using OpenID Connect over original identity management system?

The pros of using OIDC will be:
1. Identity experts have reviewed the specification and ensured the security,
2. Embedding the OIDC’s test suite into your CI/CD pipeline will prevent your system deteriorated after launching the system,
3. You can use COTS available, and
4. It will help you to connect your service with third-party applications.
Please contact us for more details.