Brochures, Datasheets and White Papers


Authlete - API Authorization Engine (Solution Overview)

This overview brochure provides information on how Authlete works, its value proposition and case studies.


Authlete - API Authorization Engine (For Developers)

This overview brochure illustrates Authlete APIs, its unique "Semi-Hosted" architecture and a broad range of OAuth / OpenID Connect specifications we have supported.


Complimentary Download: KuppingerCole Reports

Download these KuppingerCole reports to learn how Authlete helps developers of digital services by reducing the complexity in development and increasing their time-to-value.

White Paper

Introduction to Authlete

This white paper covers traditional challenges in deploying OAuth/OIDC and describes the new architecture enabled by Authlete’s unique approach.

White Paper

A Comprehensive Commentary on Financial-grade API

This white paper describes technical details on Financial-grade API (FAPI) security profiles on a line-by-line basis, and how Authlete implements FAPI to enable flexibile deployment.

White Paper

Accelerating Secure OAuth 2.0 Compliant Advanced Authorization: Authlete & Scaled Access

Authlete & Scaled Access’s cloud services enable organizations to build and operate OAuth 2.0 compliant advanced authorization servers with user-wise access control, including user-to-user, user-to-organization and user-to-application.